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Lovely Stockholm in Sweden

During summer the Swedish capital of Stockholm, located on hundreds of smaller and larger islands, is a great city to visit. During this time many people are in the streets, ships visit the harbour and music can be heard from the city squares. From your NOVASOL holiday cottage near Stockholm you can easily visit this lovely city in Sweden.
Stockholm is meant to have been populated for seven centuries. This city has much to offer when talking of sightseeing such as their Royal Opera or the many theaters that attract many visitors each year.
There is also a variety of museums to visit. Here you can learn much about Swedish history, especially about their monarchy and their kings.
You can visit ‘Gröna Lund’ which is an amusement park that is very fun, especially for children. Apart from fun rides there is also a large stage here where known artists have performed such as Louis Armstrong and the Beatles.
Stockholm, as well as the area surrounding it, has an extensive network of public transport so it is easy to travel around.
Book a NOVASOL holiday cottage near Stockholm and explore the Swedish capital that is full of culture and history to experience.