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A Visit in Sibenik, Dalmatia, Croatia

The southern part of Dalmatia is extremely beautiful with amazing beaches that have the clearest water in all of Europe.
Sibenik is a lovely city with a harbor and a very old church that is simply astonishing. A picturesque and old town is waiting for you with a lovely environment.
You can go on many charming restaurants and cafes and taste delicious local wine from Croatian vineyards. You can also taste seafood that is, as always in Croatia, very fresh.
Visit the long beaches where the sea is subtle and perfect for relaxing and taking a swim in. Croatia is a country that is great for relaxing because of its lovely and quiet environment. NOVASOL has holiday homes and villas in Croatia and in Dalmatia that are ideal starting points for your holiday with the family.
Book a NOVASOL holiday home or villa in Sibenik in Croatia and experience a lovely city in a lovely country.