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A walk through Stavanger

Stavanger is a city and Norway’s fourth largest municipality and is located in the province of Rogaland. The city is located on the Stavanger Peninsula in Southwest Norway. The city’s official founding year was in the year of 1125 which was also the year where the Stavanger cathedral was completed.
Although Stavanger was founded in 1125 the population remained low for a long time. It was not until the 18th century that the city steadily began to grow. First of all because of its fishing industry, but later its shipping industry also made it more important. At one point Stavanger had more than 50 factories as well that produced canned goods.
Stavanger remained an industrial city until the 50s of the 20th century. When oil was discovered here in the 60s Stavanger changed into a modern city where 200,000 inhabitants now live.
The earlier mentioned cathedral in Stavanger lies in the core of the city. The cathedral is one of the last buildings in this area from the Middle Ages which has contained its original style throughout time. You should also visit the old part of Stavanger to the east of the harbour which is very historic. In Stavanger you will mainly find wooden houses in great shape. With a NOVASOL holiday home here you will be able to explore everything Stavanger has to offer from an ideal starting point.
The old harbour ‘Vågen’ is very deep so that even the largest ships can go to shore and load their goods off so they can be sold on the market. Cruise ships also arrive here often with many passengers who wish to experience this beautiful Norwegian city.
The largest ferries usually arrive in the newly built harbour ‘Risavika’ which lies a few kilometres from Stavanger in the village called ‘Tananger’. If you book a holiday cottage from NOVASOL here in Norway you can choose whether you wish to fly, drive or sail to your destination.
A cultural highlight is the annual Jazz Festival held in May. There is also a chamber music festival in August each year. You could also visit the Norwegian Oil Museum and learn about the rich history Stavanger has regarding oil extraction.
Book your NOVASOL holiday home in Stavanger today and experience everything this modern city influenced by the oil industry has to offer.