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Architecture in Belgium

If you are interested in architecture, Belgium is a destination you should not miss, and a great place to book a holiday home. Dotted all over the beautiful countryside, and throughout Belgian towns, you will find a very unique and sporadic type of architecture, which constantly seems to be changing and coming up with new ideas. Compared to Germany, Belgium had very few buildings regulations for many years, which has allowed a very special kind of architecture to develop. Find a holiday rental in the Belgian nature, which provides the perfect backdrop for the aforementioned architecture, and also offers many different activities, such as walks along picturesque canals and hikes through the forests, or you could go on a walk with your dog and explore one of the many lakes, bridges, rivers and canals. Visit the famous Atomium, and the two famous cities Bruxelles and Gent. Families with children will enjoy a holiday in a holiday home on the Belgian west coast, where long stretches of sandy beaches provide hours of fun for the whole family. Last, but not least, take the chance to experience real, original Belgian french fries, and the famous Belgian waffles.

Holiday homes in the region

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