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Lake Balaton in Hungary

Lake Balaton in Hungary is the largest lake in central Europe with a length of 79 kilometers. Approximately 250 different species of birds live here. The Balaton Uplands National Park and the buffalo reserve are also attractions that should be visited from your NOVASOL holiday home by Lake Balaton.
There are many exciting things to do on a holiday here. You can go fishing, which is easy if you live by the lake, but also sailors and windsurfers should not miss out because this lake has it all. Biking around by the shore and enjoying nature is also an activity that is very fun to experience.
A day swimming in the lake is also well spent. In certain seasons there are festivals held with some great music and culture. The steep slopes of the landscape are decorated with almond trees as well as fig and pomegranate trees. There is also delicious local wine produced in the area from different kinds of grapes. These are often fruity.
The cuisine in Hungary has much to offer. Typical dishes are thing such as ‘goulash’ with grilled peppers are good, but there is also much more to be tasted. The fish from Lake Balaton are a specialty that should be tried. There are more than forty species of fish in the lake and therefore a large selection of seafood for those who like to eat fish and shellfish. Do not fear the Hungarian cuisine if you are not interested in seafood; it is also known for its grilled meats.
Around the lake you will find many restaurants with different price ranges but never bad quality. Many savory treats are waiting for you to try them by Lake Balaton. The cultural and very hospitable environment invites you to enjoy your holiday as much as possible, no matter what age you are.
A journey to Hungary and Lake Balaton will surely be memorable. Hungary is a beautiful country with a fascinating culture, great food and many activities. Visit Hungary and Lake Balaton and stay in a NOVASOL holiday home for the best experience.