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Fun park by the Belgian coast

Plopsaland in Belgium is located directly on the North Sea coastal line and has many attractions not only for adults but also, especially, for children. Here you will many well-known cartoon figures such as ‘Maya the Bee’ in ‘Majaland’ or pirates and other cartoons.
The various attractions such as the wild water slides or big swings invite you to actively enjoy this park. Each day here will not be the same and there are many fun things to take part in each day. Your visit to Plopsaland will be unforgettable, especially if you have children who love to play.
Also the physical welfare of families is prioritized of in this park. There are many restaurants to eat in here with a large variety of food. There is a large theater that shows various performances for the entertainment of the entire family. Here you can also eat delicious food.
A holiday to this part of the Belgian coast on the North Sea will be perfect for families with children because it is perfect for a fun-filled day, every day. Parents and other adults will also enjoy this place because there is rich opportunity to relax while the children explore the various attractions. NOVASOL has holiday homes near this park which are perfect if you wish to visit it every day and also perfect if you wish to explore other parts of Belgium or the North Sea on your holiday.
Plopsaland is a true paradise for both the young and the old. The well-known characters from fairy tales and cartoons will welcome you and the day will go by faster than you will expect because of the many fun rides as well as the activities you can take part in. A memorable holiday with NOVASOL is a given when staying near Plopsaland in Belgium.
As amazing and fun it can be to relax by the North Sea while building sand castles with your children, a day-trip to other places in Belgium will also be exciting and very possible from your NOVASOL holiday home. Stay with NOVASOL near the fun park Plopsaland in Belgium and give your children and the rest of your family an unforgettable experience.