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Genoa in Liguria

The Republic of Genoa, also known as the ‘Italian Riviera’, is the third smallest Italian coastal region in north-western Italy and it has some of Italy’s most significant cities. The Ligurian Sea has mountains that lie along the coast and are called ‘Ligurian Alps’. The landscape here is very beautiful because of its many flowers, the sea and the mountains.
The city of Genoa offers many different attractions such as recreational activities, historic forts, museums, festivals and exhibitions for many tourists each year. This region of Genoa also has historic sites that is part of’ UNESCO World Heritage Sites’: These are the five picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre.
You will find many charming and practical NOVASOL holiday homes and villas in this part of Italy. From these you can easily explore the Italian Riviera on your own terms. You can be amazed by the typically amazing buildings of Italy or enjoy a cup of coffee in a small alley. There are splendid churches and luxurious buildings which are decorated with frescoes that are reminiscent of the golden age in the city.
The area around Genoa is also worth spending a holiday in. Its many attractions and Italian cuisine are only few of the many exciting things that make this place worth visiting. The famous dishes of the Ligurian cuisine such as ‘Pasta Genovese’ or simply ravioli are some of the most significant and should definitely be tried.
Genoa is famous for its very high quality olive oil and also for its wine, which is perfect after a delicious meal. With a NOVASOL holiday home you will have the opportunity to go on a delightful holiday, with an ideal starting point, no matter whether you are spending it with your family, your significant other or friends. There are many places to go fishing in Genoa as well. The Mediterranean climate is very nice all year and is perfect for growing grapes, olive trees and numerous other plants. The coastal area offers plenty of space for relaxing and just enjoying the holiday all together. Book your NOVASOL holiday home in Genoa today.