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Glas Art in Sweden

The company Målerås from Sweden is one of the world’s leading glass companies. It is run by an artist called Mats Jonasson and has been since 1981. Målerås has, for a long time, been a company that made different works of art from glass. It was founded in 1890. It was under a lot of pressure about a century later because of competition. The town of Målerås was fairly dependent on this company and therefore created a community that would save the old glass factory.
Today there are 50 employees in the company and it is very popular. Visiting this town and company and seeing their glass art is truly a unique experience. With a NOVASOL holiday cottage in Sweden you will be able to easily drive out to Målerås and experience this amazing company.
Mats Jonasson is inspired by nature and the world around him and he makes his glass art with influence from this.
Book a holiday cottage in Sweden near Målerås and experience the town of glass art where Mats Jonasson makes his works of art.