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The Mani Peninsula in Greece

The Mani Peninsula is a very nice destination in Greece where NOVASOL has many lovely holiday homes for you to stay in. The capital city of this region is Areopoli. The landscape here is, as always in Greece, extremely beautiful with crystal clear water on charming beaches. There are also mountains in this area.
There are many small and cozy villages all over the Mani Peninsula. These used to only be accessible by sea but today there is a narrow road that extends along the coast from Kalamata to Areopoli and then southwards to Akrotainaro.
Many restaurants with delicious Greek delicacies await you and the Greek people are very helpful and friendly. In Greece it is not uncommon for the locals to say hello to you in the streets and offer you help in any way they can if they can see you are lost or looking for something particular. This often happens even without you asking them first.
Book a NOVASOL holiday home on the Mani Peninsula where relaxing and enjoying life comes easier than anywhere else on earth.