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Marvinsholm - a castle with a beautiful garden in Sweden

Marsvinsholm Castle is located in the metropolitan area of Ystad, in the Swedish province of Skåne. The first historical mentioning of this property dates back to the fourteenth century. It was first known as ‘Bosøe’. Nearly a hundred years later it fell to the Danish crown and then belonged to King Valdemar of Denmark and later his daughter Queen Margrethe.
Around the year of 1520 the property was pawned to the Danish admiral Jens Holgersen. In 1630 it was sold to Danish Otte Marsvin who named it after his family name Marsvin.
The castle was built on top of trunks of beech on a small lake. The basic structure is of a square and there are towers in the northeast and southwest corners. From 1782 to 1796 and from 1856 to 1857 the castle was completely renovated. During the latter it received the Renaissance look it still has today. Stay with NOVASOL in a holiday cottage near this historical site and get to experience and explore everything about this castle.
In the Scanian War (1675-1679) the castle was reclaimed by the Swedish Crown from the then current owner Holger Thott. Since then it has belonged to several Swedish families who either inherited it or bought it. There are tourist excursions to Marsvinsholm Castle from NOVASOL holiday cottages in Sweden.
It is not only the castle itself that is worth seeing. Also the garden around it is very beautiful. This is a stage for sculpture exhibitions during summertime. There is also an open air theater on the castle grounds where famous actors and singers from all over Sweden perform during summer. Since 1996 this theater has been open and brought classic comedies and modern folk tales to the stage.
The museum of railway technicians near the castle is worth visiting as well. You can ride with a historic steam locomotive which we are sure your small children will enjoy. Stay with NOVASOL in a holiday home near Marsvinsholm Castle and experience a beautiful garden, a historic castle, many activities for children and much more.