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Norway - Powered by Nature

In this video we are going to show you the beauty of Norway’s landscapes.
Astonishing views across mysterious fjords, beautiful widths, paradisiacal seas, breathtaking landscapes and nearly untouched nature.
No matter if you want go fishing or just relax and chill near rushing water falls or being inspired by nature.
The impressions will make you speechless. The power and the beauty of nature are really astonishing.
The height of the water falls, up to 300 meters, the length of these fjords with partly awesome rock walls, the snow covered mountains on top, while nature next to the water blooms, ripe fruit trees.
Midsummer nights with no real darkness even at 0:00 with fascinating impressions.
The northern polar light in the north of Norway with its spectacular games of light impresses you every time.
Bergen, Stavanger and Flåm are only a few of the cities in the south-west of Norway but each grants you special offers.
Bergen for example has one of the busiest harbours in Europe. Here you can book the “Hurtigrute” which brings you along the coastline of Norway by ship. Beside this the “den nationale Scene” is situated in this city and it is the oldest theatre of Norway and there is the “grieghall” a huge hall for music, where the Eurovision Song Contest was made in 1986.
Flåm, another very beautiful city of Norway offers you a nice highlight. Here you can find the Flåmban. It is a historical train doing a slope of 18% through tunnels to a very nice plateau. In addition to that you should visit the Flåmbahn museum.
Stavanger, the 4th biggest city of Norway is offers you a unique old city and beautiful old harbour. This city is directly located at the Boknafjord in the south-west of Norway and it has a lot of attractions. One of these is the Oil-museum but also the MayJazz-festival. Visited and known by international jazz lovers. Furthermore the dome, built since 1125 and the district “Gamle Stavanger” in the east of the old harbour grant you a lot of impressions to culture and the life of Norway.
But back to nature, Norway´s main highlight.
On your way through Norway you drive along awesome serpentines. And here it is possible, that u drive on the street next to high ice and snow walls in July, while nature and plants are blooming in its full pride.
Thanks to the speed limit of 80 km/h you do have enough time to enjoy everything in an extensive way. But also at glaciers you can see frozen seas in the middle of summer.
Several fjords, like the Sognefjord, the Hardangerfjord and the famous Geirangerfjord, with its waterfalls, called “seven sisters” grant you a view like you saw them in Hollywood movies before, but without a screen.
Also extra fishing houses and panorama houses can be found at Novasol and you can see 3 of these here to get an impression of what we offer to you for your holiday.
The phenomenal panorama can enjoyed in special NOVASOL-holiday home. See feel and enjoy this mysterious and awesome landscape. These houses are located next to fjords. So you can be impressed by this natural spectacle. The water is crystal clear so the beauty of the opposite landscape is reflected which creates unbelievable views. Be inspired or relaxed. Both you can find here.
The friends of fishing will also be happy.
It does not matter if you want go fishing at the fjords, next to your house, the crystal clear rivers, or the open sea. These special Novasol-holiday homes for fishing give you everything you need. A bigger cooler, a mooring directly in front of your house or a extra place for your preparations.
In Norway no wishes stay unfulfilled with Novasol-holiday home.