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Österlen and Simrishamn

Österlen, a large area with many plains, is located in the Southeastern Swedish region Skåne. In this beautiful rural area the only relatively large town is Simrishamn. Österlen is a very artistic part of Sweden where many Swedish artists go in order to work and live. During Easter several art exhibitions are held in the different towns. This is called “Konstrundan” which means “The round of art” and can be experienced in Österlen while staying in a holiday cottage with NOVASOL either in Simrishamn or somewhere else in Österlen. Simrishamn is the center of Österlen and therefore a great place to book a holiday cottage if you wish to explore the whole area. Simrishamn has 6500 people living there which obviously is not very many. This makes it very local and cozy; a perfect place to get a taste of the Swedish culture. The town has many small streets and houses that are usually painted with pastel colors. In the center of the town lies their church called “St. Nicholas”. This is also exciting to visit when you are in Simrishamn. The town originally belonged to Denmark as well as other towns that are now Swedish. The Danes had to leave all of Skåne in 1658 during the first Karl-Gustav war because they were losing immensely to Sweden. They formed a peace treaty with Sweden, but some of Sweden’s conditions were to take over several towns and areas including Skåne. NOVASOL has holiday cottages for you to stay in so you can get to know the history of Skåne and all its attractions.  Skåne always offers a very historical area. In this area there is a row of rocks that form a ship tumulus. These are called “Stenene I Ale” meaning “The Rocks in Ale”. The tumulus is supposedly from 500 B.C. Historians claim that the tumulus was probably from the time of the Vikings. Come with NOVASOL to Österlen and experience the Swedish region of Skåne. Stay in one of our holiday homes so you can get the most out of your vacation.