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The town of Nin, Croatia

The town of Nin near Zadar is a former fortress from the middle ages. It is very nice with many cozy cafes,  restaurants and shops.
NOVASOL offers some interesting holiday houses and villas here. This town has many things to offer such as the lovely ocean, many historical buildings as well as many other cultural attractions.
It is, as mentioned, located in Croatia which is an amazing place to spend your holiday in. With a NOVASOL holiday home or villa you will get an ideal starting point for a relaxing holiday where stress is not a part of a regular day.
Go for a swim in the lovely ocean, enjoy wine and fresh seafood in a cozy restaurant, go sailing in a small sailing boat or simply relax with the family in your NOVASOL holiday home.
Book a NOVASOL holiday home or villa in the town of Nin in Croatia. This place is simply amazing.