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The Island of Andros

Andros is the second largest island of the Cyclades. The nature of the island is especially green because of its special climate. This causes the island to have lakes that have flowing water all year. The landscape and environment is great for hiking because of the island’s beauty and atmoshpere. Apart from this there are also many museums to visit on Andros. The island has been populated for over 7000 years which gives it a lot of history and heritage to show. There are many churches on Andros too. These are also great to visit while staying in your NOVASOL holiday villa. Food is a big part of any Greek vacation. On Andros you will find lots of fresh seafood caught on the same day in the ocean surrounding the island. You will also find other local Greek dishes such as moussaka and souvlaki. Andros has many small villages and towns where you can get a taste of some of this Greek food. Fruit and vegetables grow on the island naturally. There are many town squares and tavernas (restaurants) on Andros where you can sit along the pier and enjoy your vacation while drinking Greek beer or Ouzo all night long. For those who like shopping Andros also has many shops that sell Greek souvenirs. There are over 100 beaches on Andros in small and romantic bays. These are great for experiencing the clear water that Greece is very famous for. There are beaches with beach bars and activities as well as beaches that are more quiet and cozy. On Andros you will have everything a trip to Greece should have. NOVASOL offers many holliday villas and homes for those who wish to stay on Andros. Arrival is by ferry and takes approximately two hours. There are also ferries that go to other islands if you wish to experience more than just Andros. Book your NOVASOL holiday home now and become a part of the local atmosphere on Andros in Greece.