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Wintermarket in Siena, Tuscany

A holiday in one of our holiday homes in Siena, Italy, is the perfect chance to explore the beautiful Italian region Tuscany. For example, visit the winter market in the large plaza in the center of Siena, where the famous ‘Palio de Siena’, a large horse race where the different municipalities compete twice every year.

There are so many things to see all around Tuscany that you could not experience everything in a lifetime. Visit local markets where original hand carvings made by local artists, delicious homemade cheeses, dried meats, and other local produce is commonly found. The winter market is a large and lively place, and an event you should not miss. Book a holiday villa near Siena, and experience one of the most beautiful, and most famous cities of art in the world. It is considered to be up there with Firenze, Lucca, Pisa, and San Gimignano. It is worth mentioning that some of the city’s most stunning art pieces are found in the Cathedral in Siena. It is constructed from black and white marble, and is a Gothic architectural wonder.

You also should not miss the ‘Palazzo Publicco’, which has been located centrally in Sienna since 1297. The palace is richly decorated with chalk artworks, and the outstanding red cobblestone used throughout. The 102 metre tall tower was added on later, in 1325-1344. If you are looking for experiences with art and music, Siena is the perfect cuty for you. The beautiful art museum ‘Pinacotece Nazionale di Siena’ displays works from the 13th until the 16th century. You can also find the oldest bank in the world in Siena, ‘Bancha Monte dei Paschi’, which was founded in the ‘Palazzo Salimbeni in 1472. We have not yet touched upon many of the interesting attractions in Siena, but for anyone who wants to experience an earlier time, and who maybe have an interest in art, Siena will come across as a beautiful and interesting city with a sense or detail, and an a great place to book a holiday home.